The Franchise Fast and The Furiuos has risen to the top. See if the Movie is good with this review.


The Other Guys PG-13 Columbia Starring: Will Ferrel

The Other Guys starts out as a mess it seems like all their trying to do is make you laugh. It starts out stupid but thankfully dosent end stupid which is what youre probally not going to predict.The beggining trys to introduce you into the charecters and it works but the problem is most of them are stupid jerks. If you want a movie where Will Ferrel goes crazy this is not, it if you want a Crap\Good Movie then see this. Luckily The Other Guys dosent lose it's momentum. There's some really funny jokes in this thing and that's good or this movie would be a 2 out of 10.

7 out of 10.

Fast and The Furious: Toyko Drift PG-13 Starring: Vin Deisel

Fast and the Furious is a franchise kinda like the Shrek Movies. But seriuosly they have been making movies forever and the overstayed there welcome. Toyko Drift is'nt a bad or good movie but if you want action like in Fast Five this might be a major dissapontment. The movie hangs on the shelf too long and it dosen't really explain the full plot until 40 minutes in the movie and lets just say the charecters you dont really care about. Because Fast and the Furious is a franchise the first 2 movie's explain the charecters {which is a bore ride]. Oh and Vin Diesel stars right smack- dab in the end.

5.8 out of 10

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull PG-13 Starring:Harrison Ford

5.9 out of 10

Indiana Jones is a bit ironic the 3rd movie was called the Last Crusade until the 4th movie ruined the water seal.A crystal skull seems that the writers were on drugs but im giving this a 5.9 because the ending is crappy but every thing else isnt too bad.This was called the worst movie of 2009 by one of the At the Movies critics its not the worst movie it's just that its a dissapontment.Oh and also the alien's in this movie look like the alien from Paul.

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