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The Simpsons Homer ScissorHands Tv-PG

Episode: I had really high expectations for this episode the couch gag was funny and it started okay but then they dropped the bomb on this episode. The only leftover debris was a few blacked-out jokes and one chuckle. I learned a lesson wathcing this episode the better animation gets in The Simpsons the worse the show is.

4 out of 10
Krusty el payaso

Why did this week's episode of the Simpsons suck? Here's Why.

101 Ways To Leave A Game Show ABC TV-PGL

Series Premire:This show is bassicly Wipeout mixed with Cash Cab mixed with Who Want's To Be A Millionare. I feel like ABC has been struggling with productioun values lately because they keep coming up with new shows and usally 1 out of 10 of them are good. This show was a mess and it felt like cheap macaroni salad when I watched it. When i finished watching it I told myself never to watch it again.

4 out of 10


As cheap as any other game show 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show didn't reach it's standards.

It's Worth What?NBC TV-PG

5 out of 10

The only reason i had some liking of this show is that the stuff is kinda ridiculous. It's also shown in a incredibly extreme fashion. But really what i really hate is that we don't need another Price Is Right shown in a more dramatic version. I didn't really need this show and i didn't really care.

Scardey Squrriel Cartoon Network TV-Y7FV Note:Thats right we review kids shows.

2 out of 10

Remember when we came across a gem in 1999? Spongebob it was and that was great.But Cartoon Network does it again with bad quality with Scardey Squrriel.It is just boring and annoying in this show and they repeat the same joke over and over again.Joke:What am i doing? Execpt in a different way each time. This is one of those shows that Cartoon Network hides because this show it should be hidden.

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