Video Games:

Harm's Way Xbox 360 T Soma:

7.0 out of 10

Harm's Way is practiclly a thrill.It's also free. The Game's graphics are mostly desert landscapes and cars and explosions but it's just super fun at times and super tricky at times. The problem about Harm's Way is that it's one of those games when you play when youre bored there are only 3 tracks which really blows but its still fun to drive around and get shot at.

Wing Island Hudson Wii E

2.0 out of 10

Here ( Wii ) Go

Is Hudson's latest Wii Title good?I hope so.

Here's the problem about Hudson they have'nt had many strong titles in the past years Maimi Law, Lost in Blue Shipwrecked, etc and most of it is for the Wii or the Ds. Here's the problem about Hudson they make a game and the think you will like it. Half the time it works half the time it dos'ent. Thats what's wrong with Wing Island the entire aspect of it. Birds driving planes sounds ironic dos'ent it? Yes it is and too much trying to make the game look good instead makes it crappy. I would've gaven this game a 0 if not for the okay graphics. If you want a better title, I reccomend Lost In Shadow.

Lego Pirates Of The Carribeen HandHeld Version PSP DS E10+ Lego

7.4 out of 10

The handheld Lego games are cheaper but do they have the same experince? No. I like this game because of all the new stuff thev'e added here, but serioiusly they have had that in every Lego game too. This game is essential but it is kinda of weak in the value they have put in here. To scoop up this review it's what you will expect from a Lego game.
Google Lego 50th Anniversary Inspiration

Lego has been making games since 2005. Is there latest one good?

Portal 2 Valve Xbox360 PS3 PC E10+

9.5 out of 10

The first Portal was great but this is 10 times that, it's revamped better put together and a fresh storyline the only problem I have with this game is the audince. If you give this to a hard-core Call Of Duty fan that has finished Black Ops 5 times in a row he'll throw this in the trash can after a minute playing it also if a 8 year old kid buys this because of an ad he saw on Cartoon Network he'll be in for a big suprise and also he won't know the original Portal storyline. Other than that if your not one of those people you will love this game to death becuase the
Portal 2 Character

Chell and Glados are back again in Portal 2.

sheer amount of humour Valve puts in this game is unheard of. There is almost nothing wrong with this game and that's what i like about it. MotorStorm Apocolyapse T PS3 Sony
Motorstorm Apocalypse Screenshot 3

What can get any more crazier?

8.0 out of 10

Let's just say over the years the PS3 has beated the Wii and Xbox 360 for high notch retail games in a boxing match.There kicking ass here and this is one of thier amazing titles. MotorStorm Apocolyapse delivers a bad storyline filled with tortureous cutscenes but there is many good in this package. The sound is amazing the game's in 3D and every single death will make you laugh your pants off. There is a sheer amount of detail in this game and it will be played for a long time.

Dirt 3 Xbox 360 PS3 CodeMasters T

9.0 out of 10

This is a great racing game for this decade yes there isn't exploding things, yes there isnt all that c`liche but it still delivers well. There is so much that they have here and so many hours of gaming it is amazing to see. The game also has a Youtube feature which comes in handy sometimes . It is very repetitive on some levels but it is always fun.This is a great prequel to the Dirt series and will come in handy for some great times.
Dirt3 promo

EyePet PS3 Move E Sony

5.5 out of 10

Test de la sucette Sony - BarGaming - Playstation Move -video

The Ps3 Move works buetifally on this game but this would work better on a PC.

Eyepet has some great motion controls but overall gameplay falls slim.The overall game's premise is boring and is boring after a while too. Sony is trying to make a pet sim but it is just demolished by its equality because weve seen this before and we don't need it.

Diversion E Edis Brothers Xperia Play Iphone Mac Ipad

1.5 out of 10

You want to know how to make a bad game? Play Diversion.This game tries at every level to be a Ipad\Iphone hit but it fails.Here's How:They have a one control mechanic like Splosion Man but you have to time it right.The supposed 3D graphics are bad framed and the controls will make you want to lose. Sorry but dont buy this.

Kinect Adventures E Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect

7.25 out of 10

I like the Kinect but it has the same problem as the PS3 Move, there isnt that many games for it.Now more Kinect games are coming out put it feels slim.Kinect Adventures was the relase title to the Kinect and it is very fun.The only problem? Content. There is about 35 levels in this game and then after the Kinect fever, this will just sit on your shelf and collect dust.

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